Create good looking blocks in your CLI


import * as log from "cli-block";

log.start("CLI Blocks");
log.blockHeader("Let's go");
log.blockLine("So, this is CLI Blocks");
log.blockLine("A package to easily create good looking blocks in your CLI");


Install from npm

npm i cli-block

And use it in your js file;

import { start } from "cli-block";

start("CLI Blocks");

// or 

import * as log from "cli-block";

log.start("CLI Blocks");

### A project by Sil

Sil is developer from Holland living in Malta and always busy creating new little open source tools and projects. A few of his other projects;


- [Bemm](, simple function to create easy and consequent BEM classes.
- [CLI Block](, for good looking scripts.
- [Gieter](, creates small websites based on Markdown in seconds
- [ID](, Create unique ID's
- [Themer](, Sass tooling to create a themable interface
- [Commit](, a bash interface for commits.
- [Iconator](, build your favicons with a single command. 
- [CSS Order](, the help to order your css properties consistent.
- [Create Component](, a bash script to create my own style Vue components.
- [WS Launch](, to fire up a mock Web Socket.


- [Billy](, to create my invoices without a database.
- [HTML Icons](, find the right html special characters easily. 

Or more information on [](